Here you’ll find a collection of Leo in Bloom pieces on mindfulness, as well as resources shared from elsewhere (with credit and links!).

A Life Changed in a Day of Mindfulness

Dear Friends, I had the most profound experience on Sunday! We visited the Deer Park Monastery, founded by venerated teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, for a day of mindfulness and to join ceremonies for his passing. I felt such profound peace and strong love. It was unlike any other experience in my life! Please watch thisContinue Reading

Background: two friends and two dogs running into the sunset on the beach. Quote: "The very most loving thing you can do is to hear my words & believe them" - Ian Nordling, Uniquely Human Podcast Ep.16

Quote for the month

Each issue, we feature a quote that resonates with the theme (and with us!). These beautiful words come from Ian Nordling, an autistic self-advocate who uses Spelling to Communicate (S2C), in his interview for the Uniquely Human Podcast Episode 16, Nonspeakers have a lot to say: Are you listening? along with his long-time friend andContinue Reading

Meditation & Motor

Meditation can do wonders for anxious minds. But for those of us who have motor control challenges, sitting still and focusing can be a huge and impossible undertaking. I want to share some thoughts on how I am approaching meditation. I hope it is helpful! I am not a seasoned meditation practitioner. But I haveContinue Reading