issue 06

awareness, acceptance, action

april! autism awareness – acceptance – alliteration! in this issue, we explore the “various mandates associated with april”.

from the editors

contributed pieces


From Danny and Nick, co-editors in chief: We discovered we are both Leos, born two days apart, and when you put two lions together we can’t help but make a lot of commotion! Welcome to “Leos Roar,” a new, recurring column in Leo in Bloom and a place for the two of us to share email conversations we’ve had on topics that rumble and boom loudly within us.

Designed by Nick Pentzell

April’s roar: on how we wish people would view autism

Our April topic, initiated by Danny, concerns “thoughts on how we wish people would view autism”: — DANNY: Dear Nick, Shall we discuss something to get this rolling? How about our thoughts on how we wish people would view autism?  I will start. So I am very comfortable saying I have a disability, that I…

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We welcome submissions from nonspeakers and will consider submissions from speaking allies. Our issues come out every 2-3 months; the next issue will be on TRAVEL for July 2023. Please feel free to contact us here to pitch a submission!