The Magazine, updated!

Leo in Bloom is ready to blossom in its new form – a more in-depth focus on the experiences and stories of nonspeaking autistic folks, through regularly added pieces rather than monthly issues. We have so much to share with you!

This project largely centers on the journey of Danny, our lead Editor, who is a minimally-speaking autistic writer, advocate, and friend, and his sisters’ journeys as his allies and Communication Regulation Partners. Part of our mission is to spread the message that Danny and his fellow nonspeakers are not merely props in the “inspirational” stories of the neurotypical people around them, but that they can actively teach the world profound lessons from their real experiences in their own lives.

This also includes addressing “life after Spelling” – or, the many major shifts that come about once nonspeaking autistics gain fluency through Spelling to Communicate or similar means. This important transition impacts pretty much every aspect of life, with major implications for mental and emotional health, family dynamics, and moving into a world of new opportunities.

Formerly a monthly issue that aimed to cover more broad issues of mindfulness and empathy, this has evolved after several months of hiatus (due to busy schedules!) and observation on what would be most useful to Danny’s peers and friends, and to those who seek to gain a more broad and nuanced understanding of what autistic experiences are.

Please Note: What we share here are insights and perspectives from personal experiences, as well as information from interpretations of resources. These experiences and interpretations are not universal. In particular, we do not claim to speak for the broader nonspeaking community. We will clearly state our relevant level of expertise and experience in any informational piece. We welcome feedback and discussion and are very open to adapting how we approach this project!