The Magazine

Leo in Bloom is a monthly publication centered on empathy and meaningful social change. It was dreamed up by the three of us – siblings – as we realized that through our different lived experiences, empathy has been woven as a unifying hope for a more positive future.

This project largely centers on the journey of Danny, our lead Editor, who is a minimally-speaking autistic writer, advocate, and friend, and his sisters’ journeys as his allies and Communication Regulation Partners. Part of our mission is to spread the message that Danny and his fellow nonspeakers are not merely props in the “inspirational” stories of the neurotypical people around them, but that they can actively teach the world profound lessons from their real experiences in cultivating empathy and mindfulness in their own lives.

We also are inspired by our combined experiences in conservation, environmental management, travel, and life. Along the way, we will bring in voices from diverse realms, from disability justice to environmental conservation to food security to relationships!

Please Note: What we share here are insights and perspectives from personal experiences, as well as information from interpretations of resources. These experiences and interpretations are not universal. In particular, we do not claim to speak for the broader nonspeaking community. We will clearly state our relevant level of expertise and experience in any informational piece. We welcome feedback and discussion and are very open to adapting how we approach this project!