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Editor-in-Chief & Contributor


I am a minimally-speaking autistic and apraxic man who is fully enthralled by empathy as a guiding force in my life. I have only attained fluent communication in the past year, using Spelling to Communicate (S2C). Since then, my world has vastly expanded, and I am now an active writer and advocate. I am now able to share my insights and perspectives with my loved ones, and this has allowed us to develop ever-greater empathy for each other.

I am still finding my footing in my newly opened world. I am realizing that I don’t need a conventional education to make the change I hope to see in the world. I am an active part of the Spellers & Allies Advocacy Network, and have acted as an advisor for the educational guides for The Reason I Jump film, and also contributed to the NeuroClastic Music Media Toolkit and the ACES Talking with Doctors project. I direct and co-host The Ocean and Us podcast, aimed at sharing the wonder of the sea and the importance of inclusion in enjoying and saving it. I am also an avid cook and hiker and friend!

Features Editor & Contributor

Tara Sayuri Whitty, PhD

I am a social-ecological researcher and consultant who works for more ethical, equitable, and effective conservation, mainly along the coasts of Southeast Asia; I seek to bring lessons from international development, humanitarian aid, design, and innovation to improve the social process of conservation. Through my work and experiences traveling abroad, I have learned volumes about the foundational importance of empathy and mindfulness. I also am diving into the world of writing, a long-held dream!

Starting in early 2020, I moved back to California to focus on being Danny’s Communication Regulation Partner (CRP), and it has been the most amazing experience of my life. I am learning – unlearning and relearning – how to be a true ally to my brother and other nonspeaking autistics. I am also an ardent traveler, ocean playtime enthusiast, and canine cuddler!

Arts & Music Editor, & Contributor

Eira Mimiko Whitty

My name is Eira (Air-uh) and I am the luckiest lady in all the land because Danny has led me in compassion, love, and silliness ever since I can remember. From the days of sticking Tara’s precious beads up our noses and making mud pies, we’ve come a long way. To see Danny blossom into a fearless leader, champion of empathy, and creative genius has been a most amazing miracle.

On the 9-5 I am a Land Use/Environmental Planner that gets to help plan local parks and preserves, conserve natural spaces, and help our critter friends and their habitats.

Music and art has always been a wonderful way to give my world more vibrance and dimension while making the wackiness of life a little easier to navigate.

My favorite colors are cobalt blue & mustard yellow. I love pickles and my mom has gotten me hooked to Bananagrams.

Thanks for joining us!