Background: two friends and two dogs running into the sunset on the beach. Quote: "The very most loving thing you can do is to hear my words & believe them" - Ian Nordling, Uniquely Human Podcast Ep.16

Each issue, we feature a quote that resonates with the theme (and with us!).

These beautiful words come from Ian Nordling, an autistic self-advocate who uses Spelling to Communicate (S2C), in his interview for the Uniquely Human Podcast Episode 16, Nonspeakers have a lot to say: Are you listening? along with his long-time friend and Communication Regulation Partner (and leader in the S2C approach), Elizabeth Vosseller.

It resonated with our hearts. So much misunderstanding can come from our reactive superimposition of our own biases and moods over the words – and the meaning behind the words – of others. It is an act of respect, trust, and love to truly hear and believe someone’s words and the intention behind them. It is a foundational part of cultivating awareness that leads to acceptance.

1 comment on “Quote for the month

  1. Angelina

    Powerful!! Thank you for sharing these words.

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