Felicia Tobias

Cirus Clouds – wispy and feathery, often includes god lighting.

Pairs with – color saturated sunsets, really good wine, falling in love. 

Cumulonimbus  –  hulking, roiling, towering storm clouds. 

Pairs with – thunder, lighting, dramatic monologues, murder mysteries with a shocking twist.

Cumulus – heaps and heaps of fluffy clouds, backed by a bright blue and cheerful sun.

Pairs with – idyllic country homes, childrens drawings, fresh squeezed lemonade and hand picked strawberries.

Stratus – long, low, and lean. The sun sulks behind the gauzy cloud cover, sullenly casting a dull glow.

Pairs with – long held grudges, a sense of oppression, helpless doom, a long slow walk towards a dark destiny for a protagonist you love to hate.

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