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A Quick Message on Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

I am so dysregulated today, but I want to share a quick message on thankfulness.

[Tara: Danny was chatting with me earlier, and said that even though Thanksgiving is rooted in misrepresented history and has a problematic legacy, it’s still a day that we have off to be with family and loved ones and focus on things to be thankful for.]

So, gratitude: Wow I am so thankful for all I have achieved in the past year! More than that, I am grateful for you and my support team! I want to talk about how gratitude and regret are so linked, and how often a step forward would make me regret the time that I lost before being able to communicate!

As I said, it is tough to celebrate progress when it highlights how constrained the past has been. And it stings to wonder “what if” I had access to communication earlier!

I am so learning to focus on the things to celebrate and accept my past and grow from the regret instead of wallowing in it. And I wish the same for anyone who struggles with regret and feeling stuck in grief over things lost.

Just know that you are not alone in this feeling and you are stronger than your regret. And I hope you have a day of cherishing the wonderful things in your life.

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