featured From the Editor May 2022: Advocating as Nonspeaking Autistics

Introducing our May Theme: Advocating as Nonspeaking Autistics

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to start the new incarnation of Leo in Bloom! It has been way too long. We are going to share perspectives from nonspeaking autistic folks like me and our allies. We will be sharing the reality of life after spelling – i.e., how to navigate this huge and important shift into an existence where we can finally communicate. This is a bit more narrow of a focus than we had started with, but I have realize how needed it is for our peers and our support teams.

To kick off our rebirth, we wanted to share a bit about the realities of advocating as Spellers or Typers, including the challenges we face and how we go about getting our voices out there. I am so pleased to have pieces from several peers and friends to post throughout May on this topic.

I want to ask our allies to read these carefully and attentively, including our speaking autistic fellow advocates. I will also feature a list of ways to help support our voices. It is so exciting to embark on this renewed project, and I am so happy you are joining us.

Your Friend,


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