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Some Speller advocates to follow on social media

Dear Friends,

I am so thrilled to have you with me! After going three decades without communication access, being able to reach so many people is astonishing! And I am so glad to be able to share information with you about nonspeaking autistic folks.

Pretty much every Speller (someone who spells or types to communicate) I have met is similarly driven to advocate for our community. Here are some fantastic nonspeaking autistic advocates, related organizations, and their resources to follow on social media (Instagram handle, Facebook Page link, and/or YouTube channel link) (we are not so familiar with the Twitterverse, but Tania Melnyczuk @ekverstania is a great ally who regularly shares recommendations for nonspeaker Twitter accounts!).

*This is by no means an exhaustive list! These are just some of the folks/groups whose social media advocacy work we have been following recently, and we plan to share more resources for general nonspeaking autistic content in the future. Please share your recommendations as well!*

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We welcome submissions from nonspeakers and will consider submissions from speaking allies. Our issues come out every 2-3 months; the next issue will be on TRAVEL for July 2023. Please feel free to contact us here to pitch a submission!

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