Aug 2022: Blooming into Communication featured From the Editor

Introducing the August Issue: Blooming Into Communication

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe it is August already! I am so excited to share our next issue of Leo in Bloom, even if it is a month later than planned. It is tough to keep a schedule these days!

This issue will focus on how Spelling changes lives. Rather, it will zoom in on those early feelings following the transition to fluent communication! The first days of being able to communicate are so emotional and so thrilling for Spellers and their families and practitioners. It is hard to explain if you haven’t gone through it, but we will try to capture its essence in this month’s posts!

I will always cherish my memories of my first time communicating and how it felt to finally break free of decades of silence. It is also momentous each time I achieve fluency with a new CRP (Communication Regulation Partner), and I vividly remember the feeling for each person I am fluent with! And it is huge for families, too, to finally get to access the voice of their loved one. I hope to emphasize how significant and life-changing this process is, to impress upon you all how vital it is that all nonspeaking autistics have access to this.

So, thank you for your patience with our delay, and I hope you enjoy!

Your Friend,


2 comments on “Introducing the August Issue: Blooming Into Communication

  1. Meredyth Keast

    You are worth waiting for.

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  2. Stacy Mason

    I am happy that you learned to spell .i am also a speller and it has been an amazing experience for me ! I am cautious with my words all the time as a new speller.I don’t want to hurt anyone with my words now that i have them.i am having a lot of feelings too which are not so easy to process .Tyler Mason

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