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Blooming Into Communication – by Swarit Gopalan

Dear Friends,

Here is yet another new Speller friend I have met through their contribution! Tara and I were very happy to meet Swarit’s mother at Motormorphosis last month, and now we are very happy to share his story of blooming into communication!


Your Friend,


Blooming Into Communication

Swarit Gopalan

Getting open quickly gives unparalleled opportunities. Right from being able to sleep more peacefully having communicated with loved ones to having realistic dreams of changing the world, my life now has endless possibilities. The world is more habitable inspite of similar challenges as before now that i have a voice. The reality of all of this will take much longer to sync in. Love and peace to all.

About Swarit

Swarit Gopalan is a 10-yr old speller on the Autism spectrum that started his spelling journey in June of 2021. He and his family moved to FL in Sept of 2021 to join the community of spellers there. Swarit loves writing poems, playing soccer, listening to music and being in water in general.

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