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Motivating Trials Home Truth – by Imane Boukaila

Dear Friends,

I am so in awe of this poet and peer, Imane! She is a regular poet at Neurolyrical Café and I love her free and resounding style. Poetry is a passion shared by many of us Spellers, but what is particularly fascinating is that we all have different styles despite our shared and physically demanding form of communication.

Imane’s words show the power of creativity liberated by communication access. I love how this poem displays an expression of words so far beyond the fundamentals of basic communication about logistics. And it shows the depths of our minds and hearts and talents.

Your Friend,


Introduction from Imane

I’m portraying motivating moods hoping to invite skeptics to boldly explore the periphery voiding false assumptions to consider the mind’s tilted potential.

Poem by Imane Boukaila

Truth is treasures manifest thoughts
motivating hesitation to trust
in myself trespassing thresholds
tressing bold motions tilting
perspectives bridging minds resourcing
truths motioning
meaning traveling mindfully
in dormant tucked hidden voids starving
to be filled still.

Trials stocking up piles of dreams
waiting homing tools timing
release thoroughly weaving motivation
into reasoning
treasuring the mistakes
along my journey chorusing truth
marching triumphantly knowing that
truth thrives in hopeful minds
mostly feel free to be myself.

Truly healing grateful for my trials
streaming mistreated mistakes
migrating toward homing their purpose
helping minds hitting
piles of treasures resonating with
hidden truths savoring mistakes
releasing inspiring free thinking mingling
between the lines of my poems inviting
minds lost to home their hidden


Imane Boukaila is a 15 year old autistic poet, essayist and songwriter who lives in Toronto, Canada. She is mostly known for, in her own words, “hacking language norms”, from poetics to neologisms. She is also a collaborator at Dis-assembly, and a podcast co-host with Canadian poet and artist Adam Wolfond, Dis assembly Inter Views.
Her work has been featured in Inflexions, a journal for research creation led by Erin Manning, a Canadian philosopher and artist, Unrestricted Interest, Indie’s Nest, Explicit Literary journal, RCAH Center For Poetry Michigan University and Miami University Fashion Event. Her chapbook “Truth OMG’ was recently published and she is currently finishing a prose book: “Tressing Motions At The Edge Of Mistakes” She is also the co-founder of Hear our Minds, an Art movement initiated by a group of friends and advocates whose mission is to work toward change to accept, acknowledge, respect and include autistic nonspeakers.

Facebook: Imane Boukaila
Twitter: @Imanestardust
Instagram: @readmymind06

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