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My Reality, Your Awareness

by abigail gore

(painting by danny whitty)

My reality is that how I look will always play a part in how I am perceived by society. Snide remarks hinder neurodiversity, shining a light on our challenges instead of our strengths. Having an awareness means people must get to know who we really are as diverse individuals glossing over differences that seem to get in the way. This happens all the time in the neurotypical world. It would be so nice to have the same compassionate experiences extended to autistics and all neurodiverse individuals.

Editor’s note
I am so pleased to share Abbey Gore’s words on autism awareness and what she would like people to know. She is a fierce voice who you might remember from my SpellX video on “older” Spellers. Remember that your awareness is just a peek into our reality! She is a Speller with autism and Down Syndrome, so she offers an important perspective on that co-diagnosis. I felt inspired to do a quick little painting to pair with her words, echoing the hope from spring’s diverse bounty of flowers. – Danny

About Abigail (Abbey) Gore

When you look at me you likely see my Down’s Syndrome and you probably have many misconceptions about me. I’m here to proudly represent my community and show you how smart we are. I started Spelling to Communicate over two years ago and life has never been better. All my thoughts I am now able to release. My days are spent pursuing every opportunity to spread joy.

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