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What I See

by shane alvado

You see a room that keeps records. I see Disneyland

You see helping hands. I see testing, doubting, fist of fury

You see others glares. I feel them as if they smacked me across the face

You see the wind before the rain. I see trees preparing for the storm

You see a plate of food. I see life, textures and an adventure

You see someone who can’t speak. I see an ally

You see a behavior. I see someone who needs to be heard

You see how mean others can be. I see what made them feel all that pain

You see a disability. I see a superpower


My name is Shane Alvado, I am an 18 year old nonspeaker living in New Port Richey, Florida. My hobbies include writing poems, solving puzzles, watching scary movies, and enjoying beach days. I am a lover of the universe and a warrior for the rights of nonspeakers. I live and breathe advocacy.

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We welcome submissions from nonspeakers and will consider submissions from speaking allies. Our issues come out every 2-3 months; the next issue will be on TRAVEL for July 2023. Please feel free to contact us here to pitch a submission!

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