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Urban Eagles

We are so thrilled to share this contribution from our friend Joel Nyland! Joel is a Speller who is remarkably kind and a brilliant songwriter who brings sensitivity, some cheekiness, and clever insights together into enjoyable and thought-provoking pieces. We always enjoy his contributions to I-ASC’s Neurolyrical Cafes (next one: June 25, 4pm PT! Register now!).

Image: By Leah Voss/TCPalm


Written by Joel Nyland

Music by Brian Laidlaw


Crows chasing eagles

Eagles at the Starbucks

Eagles on the cell tower




Pavement prevents the trees          

from living how they like                

It heats us all up

Hot all day and night


Trash sits everywhere

Cars buzz by unaware 

They have other cares 

But we must dare to be aware


Eagles soar               

They want more             

Crows caw 

At what they saw


What must we see before 

We can change how we act?

Street cleaners are a menace to all

But what to do with the trash?


It is not a bash                         

Something for us to hash      

And it must be a mad dash   


Eagles know as they soar

People can’t keep this up anymore 

cell tower perch 

leaves eagles in a lurch


Seagulls poop 

all over Starbucks sign

It is goo, 

Ooh but what to do?


We are all feathers of the living bird

I have heard

When I see eagles in parking lots, i cry

We all need room to fly

1 comment on “Urban Eagles

  1. Margy Schiele

    Joel’s “Urban Eagles” shares disturbing, important visuals and his care and concerns for our environments shine through.. Joel has such clear vision and incredibly strong images for us all.

    Thank you, Brian, for applying your incredible musical talent and helping Joel bring his ideas to us.

    We are thrilled and always excited for the next poem and song .

    Liked by 2 people

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