Dear Friends,

Well, August is almost over! Wow! We have a few more posts with new content coming your way this week, but I also wanted to highlight some blogs by fellow Spellers. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but is based on blogs we happen to know of and love! We would love to hear any suggestions you have for other blogs, too.

Many of these blogs include posts about that first experience of blooming into communication. As I like to say, each nonspeaker who gains access to communication is like a new universe being opened. Please enjoy reading the amazing universes shared in these blogs!

Your Friend,


A (Partial!) List of Speller Blogs, with links to posts on blooming into communication

Graciela Lotharius: Dare to Listen

Musings of a Beginner’s Mind

Sarah Ackerman: Sarah Spells to Speak

Matthew McGrath: Invisible to be seen

Rishi Je: Rishi’s Totally Optimistic Journey!!

Gregory C Tino: The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks

Jordyn Pallett: Jordyn’s Rocky Journey

Ian Aranow: Unlocking My Potential

Mitchell’s Life with Autism

Speak Without A Voice

I-ASC’s Blog!

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