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Nothing can compare to this elation – poem by Max Whelan

Dear Friends,

I am so thrilled to share this acrostic poem from across the Atlantic! I met Max in June when I was in Dublin, along with Caoimh and Anna at PALZ, and I was so excited to see that he was newly fluent – just two weeks out from getting open! I will never forget chatting with him with Anna as his CRP, how he was able to ask me his first expressed question ever (to the amazement of Anna and his dads who were with us!) and how he kept chatting and spelled “I don’t want to stop!”

This is our final contributed piece for this issue of Leo in Bloom! I will share some thoughts on the whole issue tomorrow. Enjoy Max’s fantastic acrostic!

Your Friend,


Nothing can compare to this elation

Acrostic poem on Blooming into Communication

by Max Whelan

Can’t believe how elated I am.

Over the last year my life has become purposeful to me.

Many years unable to share my thoughts.

Many years not deemed to  be smart.


Not able to contribute to society.

I very worn out as I have years of bottled feelings to share.

Clueless about the utter certainty tests will tell you I am not intelligent.

Although I worry that I will remain speechless,

To know that I have STOC is legitimately the coolest.

I can tell you that this might have saved me.

Oy to STOC

Nothing can compare to this elation.

About Max

My name is Max Whelan. I am 21 years old and I live in Dublin.

I have two wonderful dads and two siblings. For the first time, life seems bright.

I love music and lots of movies. I love to go away with my family and hanging out with them at home.

I’m hoping one day to go to college to study film.

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