From the Editor Oct 2022: Thriving

Intro to October Issue: Time to celebrate the harvest

Dear Friends,

I so love October! It is a month of deliciously melding between summer and autumn, with still-glorious days at the beach, a reviving chill in the evening air, introspective sunsets, and a feeling of gathering. And a time to reflect on the supersaturated summer days.

So, it is a great month for this issue’s theme: thriving. Last issue showed how we came to blossom into communication, the first rush of joy and liberation from silence. The journey grows more complex and rich after that. This issue will focus on the latter. The richness of lives with regular communication.

For this issue, we reached out to some of my peers who I know are undertaking such diverse and fulfilling activities now that communication is part of their lives. I hope you can gain an even deeper appreciation for how communication access opens up our worlds. This is certainly not going to be perfectly representative, but rather indicative. Thank you to my friends for contributing!

We will also touch on the supports needed to facilitate this thriving. That is an important part of our reality! And it shows the beautiful interdependence that can emerge when we are well supported.

That is it for now! Please enjoy as we post this month’s pieces.

Your Friend,


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